Nintento Out Of Ideas For The Wii

Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, has said in an interview published in the Wall Street Journal that they have exhausted all of their original ideas for the Wi and are unsure of the extent of their ongoing development for the console.

It seems that the plans for the Wii world domination had been drawn up from the very beginning, with Miyamoto plotting out the current slew of accessories. "Most of the ideas for accessories that we had initially come up with are out now. We might think up some more, and we might make them if we do, but we don't have any plans to release a whole lot more," said Iwata.

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Idonthatejustcreate4321d ago

The sin will punish itself.


If you were stupid enough to buy an Wii then congratz to your money wasted.

--Onilink--4321d ago

wow, how bad are you at actually reading what they say and just go on by the header, it say the have already released all of their ORIGINAL ideas, that means they released all that they 1st tought. That hardly means that they wont come up with anything new.

I doubt sony and microsoft have planed their ideas for the next 7 years or so...

learn how to read people....

mfwahwah4320d ago

It sounds to me like they just want to push out more peripherals now that they've put out all of the ones they had.

I think they should focus on something else, but sadly, it's not up to me, the consumer to decide that.

Excalibur4321d ago

but fads usually don't last long.

SmokingMonkey4321d ago

end sarcasm

<<<starting to regret buying his Wii. any1 else feel the same?

poopsack4321d ago

in the process of selling mine. will buy another in a couple of years.

SmokingMonkey4321d ago

of all my virtual console games that i've boughten. I have so many classics on there i feel like i wont get my monies worth if i sell the thing, guess i'm stuck with it. can't be all bad, there has to be some good games coming out (tenchu4, next zelda)

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-4321d ago

Might sell mine during the Holiday season when the soccer moms get real desperate... :p

Alexander Roy4321d ago

Would have sold mine long ago, if I would have finished No More Heroes yet. Besides, there is that other game from SEGA (MadWorld?) that I think looks interesting. There were only 3 games I fully enjoyed yet on the Wii: Twilight Princess, Super Paper Mario and No More Heroes. The rest, well, didn't really float my boat.

mfwahwah4320d ago

I'm starting to thank myself for not buying a Wii after enjoying Wii Sports at a friend's house. That would have been one Hell of an impulse buy to regret.

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Falkenfluegel4321d ago

They should start making good games for the old fans instead of stupid new accessories.

mistertwoturbo4321d ago

yeah how bout a crazy new StarFox with super mario galaxy graphics or something.

4321d ago
jtucker784321d ago

That is one bad thing about going for the casuals. Casuals just want cheap and fun, they aren't brand loyal.
Whatever bad things you say about Fanboys, they are at least loyal.

I was a massive Nintendo fanboy, and even though I've been let down by the Wii, I still follow Wii articles in the hope that Nintendo brings out a new decent machine in the future or a new Zelda or Mario.

Voiceofreason4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

@below, you are at a site dominated by Sony fans. Things like reading the article would only get in the way of their blind hate of a console they dont own.

Blank10174321d ago

Ok Mad Jedi, I'll give it a shot.

His comments (FROM THE ACTUAL WSJ ARTICLE) are in regards to accessories only. He is not saying that they are out of ideas for the Wii all together.

I have no problem with them ending their run of accessories. I love the Wii, but at this point if you can't come up with some good games with the wiimote, nunchuk, classic controller, gamecube controller, Dance Mats, WiiFit board, 1:1 tracking, fake drums and guitars and a steering wheel then maybe it is time to hang it up.

I mean jeez, at least give us like super mario rock band. you can use the drums and guitar for the band, you could have back up dancers on the dance mats, the roadies could unload and set up the stuff with the fitboard and 1:1 and you can even drive the tour bus with the steering wheel!

--Onilink--4321d ago

Dude they already released Galaxy, Twilight, Metroid, Paper Mario, Mario Strikers, Fire Emblem, Battallion Wars, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, etc in less than 2 years... it actually takes time to develop a game

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jcfilth4321d ago

This was expected/predicted.

Zerodin4321d ago

Why fix what ain't broken?

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