First Look at the Gorgeous New PlayStation 4 and Vita Hardware

New PlayStation 4 and PS Vita hardware is on display at Sony's Tokyo Game Show booth, and you can get your first glimpse right here.

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PC_602744d ago

"First Look at the Gorgeous New PlayStation 4 and Vita Hardware"? its in the title

Irishguy952744d ago

XD bazooka

"First Look at the Gorgeous New PlayStation 4 and Vita Hardware"

gosukyomomma2744d ago

Nothing its just the Hdd covers that have a new range of colours that can be swapped out... if people bothered to read the article instead of just reading the title and clicking the pictures they would actually see it say....

"In the gallery below, you'll see the colorful new HDD covers, vibrant Vita faces, and new DualShock 4s -- including the see-through controller"

AndrewLB2744d ago

Most of those PS4's are hideous. It's like Sony is pushing their new "Springtime collection". lol. Especially with all the pale pastels. I want all my components to blend into the darkness like my AV Receiver, BluRay, cable box, etc.

G20WLY2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

^Look everyone! Andrew doesn't like something Sony made...AGAIN lol

Seriously though, nobody's going to like every colour choice, Andrew, but that's kinda the point - to cater for more peoples' tastes.

What's more, these are aimed at the Japanese consumer. For example the pastel pink ones might be aimed at Japanese schoolgirls.

Are you a Japanese schoolgirl?

bouzebbal2744d ago

the red and blue vita are pure awesomeness. My bulky black vita looks ugly now.

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freshslicepizza2744d ago

still think the all white looks the nicest

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BeefCurtains2744d ago

I like that white one with shiny black accents. That would look sweet under my TV!

frostypants2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Eh...those are intriguing from the perspective of being so different from the typical color schemes of electronics, but I wouldn't want most of them. There is a reason why gray/black/white became popular for CE products: they look slick and never look gaudy. That pea green HD cover looks like something from the late 1970s...just throw a wood-grain finish on the rest of the console and it's complete. So, points for something interesting to look at, but I doubt we'll see these on many shelves.

nitus102744d ago

From my own personal perspective I have not got a PS4 mainly due to the fact that I have quite a backlog of PS3 games although if it had backwards compatibility for PS2 games I would buy one immediately. Fortunately my BC PS3 fills that part.

As for different colours well I actually prefer matte black and have no real interest in other colours. This is not to say I dislike what Sony is offering, in fact I do think the choice or "paint job" to quote "SuplexCityBeach" is quite nice and will help sell more PS4's and DS4's as well.

C4BL32744d ago

instead of being a Russet it will now be an Idaho

XBLSkull2744d ago

Vitas look nice, the hdd covers look like a cheap mad catz accessory.

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lvl_headed_gmr2744d ago

I've looked all through the pictures, when are we going to see this NEW and SEXY looking PS4? All I could find was the same old PS4 with a different colour HDD cover...

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nitus102744d ago

I would not say new since there is little if any change to the physical shape or the electronics, however I do think "sexy" is appropriate since that word actually describes an outer form.

XanderZane2744d ago

Yeah, I really didn't care much for the color schemes either. Only one I liked was the purple one. I really did like the other PS4 color schemes. Kind of plain. I did like the clear PS4 controller and the clear PS Vita. If those ever make it to the West, I'll grab one.

AHall882743d ago

Lay off Sony, they give gamers what they REALLY want.


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81BX2744d ago

Hells yeah sexy as hell!

JoGam2744d ago

Guess its about time to grab another Vita.

uth112744d ago

eh, not really a fan. I prefer solid colors to the two-toned ones.

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sAVAge_bEaST2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I like the Red/Black, but would prefer to see a Black&Yellow,Black&Yel low,Black&Yellow,


gosukyomomma2744d ago

theyre just the hdd covers you can swap so your wish may come true if you own a black ps4!

frostypants2744d ago

I want a brushed steel one. Like, actual brushed steel. I know it'll never happen, but a guy can dream.


I too am a solid colors guy, and a minimalist! In all honesty though i only prefer solid colors because its what jives with the look of my entertainment center.

IF i had more of a modern and open living space though, any one of these colored ps4s would be an amazing centerpiece. its all relative.

gosukyomomma2744d ago

Do people not know it is just the removable hdd cover? it isnt a range of new coloured ps4s as some seem to think! (probably the misleading title) but the colours are from swapping the hdd cover thats all.

Poroz2744d ago

I think these things look like bile pieces of CRAP.....and no I am not a PS4 hater! This is just my opinion of what they look like in the pic.

GordonKnight2744d ago

Where did my comment go? It just disappeared.

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meche3342744d ago

Nah. ill stick with the all black one or all white. these 2 tones are ugly