Believe It Or Not, I'd Actually Like To See A Knack Sequel

Even though it was a sub-par PlayStation 4 launch title, the core concept was fantastic and with better design and depth, a sequel could be awesome.

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Rimeskeem1128d ago

Knack was a fun game. I enjoyed playing it with my friend.

Vitalogy1128d ago

Despite the fact I almost pulled almost all my hair out because of the lack of diamonds :@ I did got the platinum a few weeks ago though (finally)

sandman2241128d ago

I agree. Love that game!

1128d ago
slappy5081128d ago

Knack looks good I'm sure it eventually will come on Ps plus which is the reason I haven't bought it yet

reallyNow1128d ago

its on sale for super cheap and its probably the hardest PS4 game ive played..

iceman061128d ago

I don't know. I heard that PS Plus has some minimum score attached to bringing AAA titles to it. With the way reviewers treated the game, and if that is true, it might not make it. I don't believe the extremely low scores were justified. But, they did drag it down a bit in metacritic scores. I think that I've seen it for around $12. It's well worth that, if you're interested in this type of game. I borrowed it from a friend but, recently, thought about picking it up myself to beat on higher difficulty. Don't be fooled. It IS challenging on higher difficulty.

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The story is too old to be commented.