Digimon World: Next Order TGS 2015 Trailer Released

Bandai Namco has released the Tokyo Game Show 2015 trailer for its upcoming PS Vita role-playing game Digimon World: Next Order.

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Majin-vegeta1541d ago

This better come stateside

Spyroo1541d ago

If Cyber Sleuth sells well you can bet this will come to the West too

Scroticus1538d ago

I think that's going to depend on the sales of Cyber Sleuth, but I should think it'll make it!

1541d ago
crazed_shadow271541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

This is incredible! I love the art style, looks just like the show. I love the battle system.

I like how each digimon game has been different over the years. Digimon World 1 had a great world and great gameplay. Digimon world 3 had a great story, such a big world, and so much to do in it. I haven't got a chance to play Re-digitize but it is similar in style to Digimon World 1. Cyber Sleuth seems like Digimon World 2. New Order seems like a combo of 1 and 3. Even back in the day the games had great visuals.

Pokemon games always lacked a meaningful story, they were always too simple and formulaic, the same with the gameplay and graphics. It took so many years for pokemon to evolve in it's visuals, pun intended.

TWB1540d ago

Looks very fun, kinda makes me regret that I never bought any Digimon games even though I was a pretty big digimon (Adventure) fan.

Also lol, cracked at 1:04, is the dress like glued between her buttcheeks or something?