Mighty No. 9 demo quietly delayed


A demo for Mighty No. 9 meant to launch yesterday, Sept. 15, has been delayed by its developer.


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DiscoKid1541d ago

LOL. Even the apologetic gesture for the release delay was delayed.

_-EDMIX-_1540d ago

You guys know I've defended this small team on way more then one occasion. At this point as a backer of this title, I'm very much worried about the quality of the work.

Now the delay could all be good and the game might be fine, but some of this is making me question what is going on with the team. I can't just make a release date at a certain time knowing the game still has serious issues. Clearly it wasn't as ready as they where claiming.

DiscoKid1540d ago

I can understand delays, but when there is lack of communication, it's a huge kick in the bladder.

_-EDMIX-_1540d ago

Agreed. Why promise something if they feel something is wrong?

Thank god a team from MS is helping with ReCore as I don't really trust this team all that much anymore. I mean..Might No 9 has to be DAMN GOOD for them to really come back from this, if the game is "meh" and still has issues, I might reconsider getting ReCore or even Red Ash. What is a great concept if it can't be executed by the team?

gantarat1540d ago

People Who play this game on E3 say it's good.
maybe marketing problem ?

PlatinumGX1540d ago

For some reason this made me laugh really hard.

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