Some GTA Online missions were accidentally removed with the new update

Fans of GTA Online are reporting that a handful of the game’s co-op missions are now unavailable to play due to a bug that was introduced alongside this week’s title update. Rockstar Games has since confirmed the issue and reassured players that the missing jobs have not been purposefully removed from the game. The developer revealed that they are currently investigating the problems in order to find the cause of the bug so they can make the affected missions playable within GTA Online once more.

It appears that the bug has only affected a handful of the co-op story missions found in GTA Online. So far, the issue doesn’t seem to extend to any of the game’s competitive modes. So those wanting to challenge other players to deathmatch-style activities should not experience any problems.

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trywizardo1125d ago

the update is cool though , the quick events spiced things up :D

solar1125d ago

really need to fix the spawns of vehicles for heists. cant do elite's when you have to call it in