Alice Dreams Tournament is a New Dreamcast Game that will Blow you up

Carl Williams writes, "Bomberman fans will likely remember that the Sega Dreamcast never received an official version of that classic, nor a homebrew variation. Sure, you could load up a Super NES emulator or whatever and illegally download the game and play it on your Dreamcast that way but it would not be the same. Well, soon you will be able to purchase a copy of Alice Dreams Tournament which will be doing their best to bring back memories of playing that Hudson/now Konami classic. The game is basically done, the Kickstarter project will be used mainly as a way to gauge the number of copies they need to have created, to pay for advertising and promotion of Alice Dreams Tournament and other miscellaneous bills. If you though Elysian Shadows was the only new Sega Dreamcast game coming, you are wrong."

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