Carmack on Consoles interview

Carmack sits down with expressing his thoughts and concerns with developing rage on ps3 and 360

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pwnsause4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

So basically all these games that have been released on the 360 have been basically limited to 7gb per DVD because microsoft takes 2 gbs off to set up the security architecture within the disc. wow. so devs basically have been cutting corners to make all their content fit into the disc.

power of Green 4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

From my point of view, corners are being cut so the PS3 can proccess code on the same level as the 360, that is more worrying(to me). The game is already on two disc all they need to do is convince MSFT on the 3rd, I'm more worried about PS3 being the lowest common denominator when it comes to proccessing power.

pwnsause4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

PoG, please. the PS3's Cell Prcocessor is stronger than the Xenon. its just more complex to develop for. Here, take this class.

BulletToothtony4315d ago

the 360 is a great console man.. if the ps3 has some more horse power it's ok.. you don't have to go crazy and make up crap in order to make yourself feel better...

the cell is hard to develop but has more power cause of the spus, bluray has more space.. and the 360 is easier to develop and "most" games so far only need 7gb or less... so what's the problem??

360 owners enjoys games in the 360, ps3 owners in their ps3s... we're all gamers..

Cupid_Viper_34315d ago

"From my point of view, corners are being cut so the PS3 can proccess code on the same level as the 360, that is more WORRYING (to me)."

"I'm more WORRIED about PS3 being the lowest common denominator when it comes to proccessing power"

Let's assume that what you are saying is true....(key word, ASSUME) I've never seen seen a person WORRY so damn much about something that they DON'T OWN.........

here's a little advice........STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE PS3 BUDDY!!!

StayHigh4315d ago

Looks like Sony powerful PS3 is turning out to be the system to get this gen.

pwnsause4315d ago

To the People Disagreeing with me:

JOHN CARMACK stated that microsoft takes 2 Gibabytes off the DVD9 (DUAL LAYED DVD) for security Purposes, leaving the Developer to work with 7 GIGABYTES of DVD space. I did not spin this, he states it in this interview. Think about this really hard. If Microsoft Had a HDD as Standard, this would not be such a problem. Thats why Installs are good.

GUNS N SWORDS4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

"360's got the advantage of having easy to develop hardware"

- carkmack.

EDIT- sorry miss interpreted it for a split second.

Atomic4315d ago

once again , this is a proof that the 360 is holding back the development on multi-platform games.
just discontinue the 360 Microsoft ,it's doing more harm than good, and apparently , it's not gonna keep up with the more up to date tech on the PS3.

SL1M DADDY4315d ago

Worried that the PS3 is the lowest common denominator? Yeah, and I'm busy playing great games... On both consoles. Give up the fanboy arguments POG and you might get along with the folks here. Carmack is aware of what it takes to develop on both platforms and knows that both have their issues. Interestingly enough however, he sees that the PS3 was in fact made future proof while the 360 was not. It's the sprint (360) versus the long haul (PS3).

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morganfell4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

The greatest day in gaming history was the day John Carmack first walked by a computer and said, "Cool. How does that thing work?"

Carmack was speaking of the fact that MS makes developers give up roughly 2GBs per disk just for security measures.

coolfool4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

and yet I am surprised that he is still as closed as he is to the PS3 and what it can offer. It seems that because it is out of his comfort zone of PC or PC-like development he is unwilling to explore it's potential.

I thought a guy of his talent would be the exact opposite. I thought he'd be excited for something new and innovative. I mean lets face it, PC chips aren't going to be the same architecture for ever more, right? So he would have to get used to new hardware sometime. What's wrong with the PS3 being that new hardware?

I am just talking hardware-wise here, he obviously doesn't like MS for other reasons he discusses.

morganfell4315d ago

But he is exploring it's potential. He isn't happy with the architecture but he is working to see what they can get out of it. As he said, "It is what it is." He is a very objective guy.

I have met him a couple of times and yes he is very independent minded yet has the weird ability not to close the door on any possibilities. It may seem like that but you can bet he is busting his ass and at the end of the day will do something really wild with the OS3 architecture. If you notice he doesn't give two craps about the need to make both platforms versions look the same. Neither does Todd Hollenshead.

pwnsause4315d ago

just by listening to this and taking this conversation to another situation, how the hell is square enix going to pull this off with FFXIII on the 360?

DooRentZs4315d ago

Looks like SE is fully supported by MS. No matter how much the disc will be..MS should provide it easily for them.

StayHigh4315d ago

Seem like developers who want their games to be biggest and the baddest will go with the PS3..The system is poweful its just a pain to work with and blu ray give developers the nesssscary space to let their imagination go free..

morganfell4315d ago

Where are the documents detailing the full MS support for Square Enix? You know where they are? No you do not because they do not exist and you are just making things up so 360 owners can sleep better at night.

In reality, the facts say just the opposite to that which you claim. SE currently has no idea how they are going to make FF13 work and they admitted as much. No where did they say, "MS is going to let us use the HDD and they are going to foot the bill for extra disks."

SE is currently in a worse boat than Id because they are just beginning to look at that mountain they have to climb.

jaysquared4315d ago

Hey morganfell dont worry about M$ they always have something up their sleeves.. Just about a month ago you would think I was crazy if I told you that FF13 is coming to the 360 right?

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power of Green 4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

HoW will PS3 keep from being left in the dust in the future?.

Dam, so devs basically have been cutting corners to make all their content simular on all platforms by gimping games so that PS3 hardware can run games?.

pwnsause4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

PoG take your spins-------------->that way. 7gbs is not enough. games form last Generation like MGS3 and GTA: San Andreas filled up the DVD9 to 7gbs.

morganfell4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

You mean the way they gimped GTA4 due to lack of space on the DVD9?

Of course now items that should have been on the disk for $59 now get dropped on 360 owners for an extra price. But then again, you guys like paying for extras like multiplayer and WiFi.

Rob0g0rilla4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

These guys wanna put a FPS on 3 discs which is inane. But having it on 3 discs would cost too much money and they have it on 2 discs which could possibly lower the quality of the game overall. I hope Microsoft helps these guys out with this. Sure PS3 version gets a nice long install (7 minutes) but I don't see how that would cost them as much as having another disc or does and having an install doesn't lower the quality of the game. I hope this guy's game is good at least.

faisdotal4315d ago

lol @ pog again

he can never come up with a sane comment.

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Xheratuul4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

how do you play a fps shooter with two dvds, do you have to switch disks all the time

pwnsause4315d ago

well its going to happen. i never seen that before, except for RPGs, which is allowable since they are a mixture of Long stories, CGI and of course gameplay.

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