Let's Replay: Crash Team Racing – Head-to-Head Special

Power Up Gaming: "In celebration of Crash Bandicoot’s 19th birthday, Power Up Gaming co-founders Chris Mawson and Chris Needham recently went head-to-head in a race through the PS1 classic Crash Team Racing’s Adventure Mode."

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-Foxtrot1129d ago

Better then Mario Kart at the time, in my opinion

It took that formula, sprinkled a little bit of Diddy Kong into the mix and we got CTR

The hub was awesome and I loved the way they set the missions out. 4/5 races, then you get a boss key, you face the boss, then move onto the next potion of the hub.

Plus they had replay value in the races, you could go back and do a time trail to get a relic or do the "CTR" token thing so you could get a coloured gem. Once you had done that you could take part in the gem cup races.

Still to this very day Mario Kart has not added any of those elements.

miyamoto1128d ago

I am still playing this awesome game....

q8kik1128d ago

The best kart game at the time.

NarooN1128d ago

It's the most fun I ever had with a kart racer, I don't give a SHIT what anyone says (come at me Mario fanboyz) lol.

Man, turnin' this game on, hookin' up the multi-tap and just getting out the extra controllers to play with friends... Nothing beats an intimate multiplayer experience like that. It even had a lulzy battle arena mode for the multiplayer, lol. They need to make another one of these and put it on PS4 and Vita with cross-platform multiplayer.