Gamer2.0: Siren: Blood Curse Review

Written by Filippo Dinolfo:

"Fear is a peculiar emotion. On one hand it can completely debilitate us and turn us into whimpering sacks of flesh huddling in a corner. On the other hand, it can empower us to do some extraordinary things. The latter may be the reason that things like Bungee Jumping and Skydiving are so popular. We want to feel that fear, and the rush of endorphins that follows it. This is likely also why Horror movies and games are doing quite well. Siren: Blood Curse is the first game on the PS3 to tap into that emotion, and it does a rather fine job of it at that."

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Silogon4359d ago

Not these idiots again.

want a review of siren? Chapter 7 is the absolute pinnacle of survival horror graphics, gameplay and atmosphere. The music in Siren, the gameplay, the atmosphere, everything about it kicks the ass end out of Resident Evil and Silent hill combined.

siren is the king of the horror hill.