Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Is Hideo Kojima's Finest Work

The Phantom Pain is possibly the best stealth open world game in existence, possibly the best action game in existence, and possibly the best looking game in existence.

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DEEBO1125d ago

I can agree with this but I'm fan so I'm not being equal or fair.

XBLSkull1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

"Best stealth open world" Yeah I can't think of another game in that category

"Best action game in existence" No

"Best looking game in existence" Not even close, last gen game really

"The Phantom Pain Is Hideo Kojima's Finest Work" That I can absolutely agree with.

-Foxtrot1125d ago

I think MGS4 was better.

Gameplay wasn't as repetitive, story was better, there was character developments and the voice acting was on top.

Summons751124d ago

My lord, how have you not lost bubble for trolling and spewing negativity so much? I haven't seen a single decent comment in weeks. I understand YOU have an opinion but don't state it as a fact

Aloy-Boyfriend1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

It's his opinion, but he is right!

-Foxtrot1124d ago

So I praise another game and it's still considered "negative"...stop jumping on the troll bandwagon man. Don't be a sheep.

"state it as fact"

Despite the fact I said...."I THINK"

Lets just backtrack so we all understand how blind you are to my comment

"...I THINK"


morganfell1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I am a ways into the game. It is a truly great title. Fantastic and engrossing. It will rob me of hundreds of hours and with those I will gladly part. I have always felt Big Boss to be the most tragic character in the series.

But as regards Kojima's works, I am in agreement with Foxtrot. MGS4 truly crowned the series and laid down the biggest reveal in gaming. A massive reveal 20 years in the making that wasn't just a story expansion but directly affected the gamer turning everything they had believed upside down...

And it was the end of so many great characters that had been with us for years.

gangsta_red1124d ago


How exactly is he stating his opinion as fact? Especially when he first starts his comment with,

"I think MGS4 was better"

I mean right there that establishes that everything after that statement would be his opinion and not fact.

Haru1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Because MGS4 was better

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Dirtnapstor1124d ago

Loved MGS4, especially Vamp. Got V but haven't really had time to sink my teeth into it. Got to clear my schedule!

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lameguy1124d ago

It may be his finest gameplay work.

It may also be his worst story work.

Bathyj1124d ago

Agreed. This is what I said below. Its just a matter of what people find more important to them.

AsheXII1124d ago

Not really, its a better story work than MGS2 or MGS4. In fact story wise its one of Kojimas most mature products, not just in tone but in quality too. No more soap opera exposition.

goldwyncq1124d ago

Soap opera expositions aren't inherently bad, unless you really despise theatrical performances.

Hold_It1124d ago


Yeah I saw it, it doesn't fix much. It improves the bond of Eli and Psycho Mantis, and does a very cop out job at explaining why Big Boss is hated by Liquid. All the stuff that was supposed to be answered is all "behind the scenes" head cannon crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.