Miyamoto totally invented Facebook's "dislike" button

Today's Big Story across the internet has been that after years of demand, Facebook have buckled and finally created a 'Dislike' button for posts on the service.

But this seems all a bit familiar.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1541d ago

You know, I think I would be okay with Facebook copying off of Miiverse for that one.
Having a range of emotional responses, rather than just a like or dislike button, would be a good step forward from the what we have now on so many social sites, where dislikes are used as a one-button mass trolling session.

Like this site, for example.XD

But I digress; it'll be interesting to see what they do.
Like the article said, people have been requesting a dislike function for ages.
While I'd personally rather see it stay gone, because the silence of no likes, or an actual comment, will speak just as loudly as a dislike button, if they put an emotional face function into the site instead, it could turn out to be much better than the current standard.

marloc_x1541d ago

"Thinking of what to make for supper.."


ozstar1540d ago

Apples stealing Wiimotes, Facebook stealing tumblr emoticons, Nintendos creatively & financially bankrupt, Sony and Microsoft win and Mario becomes their bitch for eternity??

That about covers it then.


GordonKnight1540d ago

You forgot about the end.

You know the part where you wake up.