Square Enix: Starting to Get It

Square Enix's strategy on mobile games never quite made any sense to me. Why on Earth would it want to produce these big-budget titles for high-end Japanese cell phones that would never, ever, ever stand a chance of being released in any other territory?

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Bombibomb4391d ago

You guys wanna know something funny about that character in the picture? Yeah it's a dude.

pwnsause4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

rofl, doesnt matter, i cant wait to play these games now that they're on PSP. BTW not that im going to bash him since its his opinion and all, but, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was not a crappy movie.

Bombibomb4391d ago

Agreed. Advent Children was awesome.

big shadow4391d ago

noooooooooooooooooooooo. why does this keep happening? damn it all

sumfood4u4391d ago

And there's the news that a Final Fantasy XIII demo will be included with the Blu-ray release of Advent Children, meaning that I now have to buy that crappy movie again. Well-played, Square Enix.

FFVII AC was bada^* they only crapy final fantasy movie was the spirits within! that almost made them go bankrupt! That guy justnot a final fantasy fan! or hes a RPG Hater someone needs to slip him a elixer to calm his nerves!

hay4391d ago

Hairy balls of the Gods! I thought it's a chick. Pretty cute chick.
I feel bad for all those men who tickled their salamis to this cute face.

Getting on topic:
FF7AC is a great action movie(in my opinion), but lacks FF7 spirit and depth(in opinion of most grown and hardcore VII fans).

Yup Square, pretty nice, greedy leap on our cash.

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alster234391d ago

think about it, in a way the ff13 multiplatform incident benefitted us ps3 gamers. SE wants there games to attract a bigger western audience so they release ff13 on the 360. since they know that cells phones arent for games in the west. they decide to release agito 13 on psp to get more western gamers. thanks to SE being more open minded, us sony gamers get the full ff13 experience.

Sprudling4391d ago

The PS3 version of FF13 will be held back in US and Europe while they port to 360. This is not a benefit for any gamer.

Cdaja4391d ago

Now I dont gotta wait to get a cell and I can stop hoping it comes to North America.

SmokingMonkey4391d ago

maybe i'll give 13, agito and definitely Versus if it's "M" rated a try, all depends on the fighting engine for me.

GUNS N SWORDS4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

"Final Fantasy XIII demo will be included with the Blu-ray release of Advent Children, meaning that I now have to buy that crappy movie again. Well-played, Square Enix"

yeah, i didn't like the the movie to much, the fighting should have been slowed down a bit, all of the the kadaj fights with cloud was too short because of that, and the localization was horrid, they made sephiroth sound like he was a really young guy ( he's an ancient) on top of that they made him more of a daredevil show boat,( i believe sephiroth was more a mellow serious type of guy who was more interested in his heritage than anything else)

also there should have been a long prelude into the movie, something that would have introduced all these new characters that where never mentioned in the old game.

and what about the chocobos, i believe there were chocobos in the game, what, was there a great famine that they had to eat all of the chocobos?

BLuKhaos4391d ago

Sephiroth wasn't really an Ancient he was just infused with cells taken from Jenova,who at the time was thought to be an Ancient,while he was still in his mother's womb.