Sony looks to Boost Sales with Imminent PS4 Price Cut; Games Can Wait

ThisGenGaming says "The PlayStation 4 system is comfortable in the skin it is in, and why would it be anything but? Since the consoles began sales in November of 2013 it has skyrocketed, not only to the top of the world-wide sales charts but to some of the best numbers for a consoles sales performance in the history of Video Games. Let’s face it, a number to the tune of 18.5 million units as of January of this year in consoles sales is nothing to shake a stick at. At Sony, they have wiped the word disappointment from their video game vocabulary. With Sony repeating as king this month again in sales, there looks to be no reason for them to change the tune of what they have been doing to this point. However, with news hitting yesterday that Japan was getting a price cut to the PS4, builds more to the speculation of a holiday cut in the States is beginning to gain more traction than just a rumor."

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SniperControl1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Would make sense to head off the inevitable price drop on the X1 over the Christmas period.

Still think the PS4 will do fine without one though, with a hand full of exclusives and big multi plats in it's armoury, it will still sell like hotcakes.

Abash1221d ago

Exactly, there is no way MS will let Sony drop the price of the PS4 without dropping the price of the Xbox One yet again not caring how bad it looks.

Thatguy-3101221d ago

think the xbox one will be 300$ and ps4 350$ this holiday season.

MeliMel1221d ago

Thank you Sony, if they do slash it. Xbox will have to go down in price and I can buy a PS4 and another Xbox One(for the kids). So I hope its true!

freshslicepizza1221d ago

if sony drops the price to $299 there is no hope at all of the xbox one ever catching up in the usa. personally i would be happy with a 1 year of plus and two (decent) games included for $399.

aceitman1221d ago

Its already 299$ at amazon 349$ with 500$gift card .

never4get1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

PS4 sales in Japan, determines the future of AAA JPRGs. SONY did it #4TheGamers.

KilKarazy1221d ago

@moldybread In NA PS4 and XB1 are neck and neck. Its the rest of the world that is more in favor of PS4.

trenso11221d ago

@kilkarazy and that is what matters THE WORLD not just one country.

ThanatosDMC1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Xbox Ones are being sold on newegg with the promo code for $285 with some games on it. Pretty sweet deal, if you guys havent gotten one.

Looks like the newest one is $350 for an Xbox One Gears of War Ultimate edition plus a $50 newegg gift card.

solar1221d ago

"Exactly, there is no way MS will let Sony drop the price of the PS4 without dropping the price of the Xbox One yet again not caring how bad it looks."

how bad it looks to who? if gamers get cheaper consoles, why do you care so much?

awi59511221d ago

They didnt cut the xbox 360 price when the ps3 dropped price several times. I think if Microsoft is making a profit they aren't going to match price as long as the console is selling. Because the xbox was higher or the same price as the ps3 for a long time even though it was the weaker console.

morganfell1220d ago

In Japan the Ps4 is now roughly $290 give or take depending on the fluctuation of the exchange rate. As I stated earlier, if a price cut is inbound it will be announced at the Paris game show.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1221d ago

I've said this for months. Microsoft can do what ever they want but if Sony cut the price this holiday. It's over.

Xbone won't even get a sniff.

Retroman1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

if Sony add Project MORPHEUS as a bundle MS can fo-get-about it.

3-4-51221d ago

Both Sony & Microsoft aren't going to drop the price prior to the holidays for this one reason IMO...

* That is......They will still sell a good amount of consoles at current price.

They don't want to get up that extra $50-100 per console they WILL get this holiday.

They can drop the price in February to boost Spring gaming sales to go along with the spring games lineup.

It could happen, but I wouldn't bet on it though.

I could be 100% wrong.

Truthandreason1221d ago

you could get both consoles LAST Christmas Season for 300-350 sometimes with bundles on many random sales. Walmart had the PS4 with no bundle for 300 right before Christmas. While we may not see a MSRP price drop, sales are everywhere during the holidays.

3-4-51220d ago

uhhh Holiday bundles and black Friday deals don't count as a price drop.

Those are temporary deals /sales.

A permanent price drop is obviously what I was referring too.

showtimefolks1221d ago

if sony does the price than its pretty much game over

i already see sony winning 2 months of holiday season and a price drop could mean ps4 will win every month of holiday season


MGS5 which has been selling well on ps4 and is moving consoles.

Destiyn Taken king bundle


uncharted collection bundle

sony also has the exclusive marketing rights for assassin creed syndicate.(last year xbox one did quite well with assassin creed bundle)

Halo 5 comes out but it comes out so late in october that we may not really get to see its affect on xbox one until november)


ms will see the benefits of halo 5 and tomb raider(but i am not sure if i consider tomb raider to be a system sellar. I expect the game to do wel but by well i mean 3 plus million)

sony has the sold out star wars bundle and call of duty exclusive marketing rights. I give month of november to ps4 because of star wars. Its a huge Franchise so when you are in movie theaters all star wars advertisements will end with ps4 Logo. Casuals will eat that up)

December is a toss up

but if ps4 gets a price drop than i don't see xbox one even winning one month. its barely keeping up and a price drop for ps4 will be a nuclear attack on sales

morganfell1220d ago

Agree with you right down the line. It mirrors what I have been saying for months. But December won't be a toss up because guess what the biggest theme of the Holidays will be? That's right, Star Wars.

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StrawberryDiesel4201221d ago

If they do this, the XBone is in major trouble. So many people will go with the PS4 this holiday.

XanderZane1220d ago

I actually think a lot of gamers who own a PS4 & a XBox 360 will buy an XB1 this holiday. If Sony drops the price in Europe and US, expect Microsoft will do the same thing. Expect a lot of game bundles again this year.

UKmilitia1220d ago

i dont get why Sony dont just start including a years psn with every console. rather than a cut.

Taero1220d ago

Think of it this way. If they include a years PSN then you also include a years worth of free games like them or hate them. This means that people will buy less games at retail, too many lost retail sales will stall development and make it riskier.

Instead they know that people will buy the PS for the games and PSN for multiplayer (with free games an afterthought for most).

Without including it they appear more attractive with a lower price point and increase the chance that a new adopter will buy a game as well, normally people don't just grab a console if there's nothing they want on it.

Tl;dr: PS with PSN = same price, might not buy games

PS with price cut & no PSN = Attractive lower price, customer buys game for it AND PSN for multiplayer (and gets to trial it 7 days free as well).

yeahright21220d ago

I'd say include a PSTV and 3 months instead of a price cut. Or better yet, just make the PS4 + pstv bundle $400 and move the regular price to $350.

boodi1220d ago

with the lineup of this season an x1 price cut would definitely make sense to drive sales significantly ..

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PhoenixUp1221d ago

PS4 already proved how dominant it was at its launch price for 1.5 years and it'll completely obliterate everything with a global price cut.

Godmars2901221d ago

With everyone talking about how MS is going to dominate the holidays because the games they have coming and Sony doesn't, countering with a price drop only makes sense.

Eonjay1221d ago

But, and work with me here, what if its all just wrong and the PS4 wins the hardware sales and software sales without a pricedrop? What will people say then?

user99502791221d ago

they will probably sell more. this is how it will work

Xbox = gamers win

ps4 = shareholders win

Eonjay1221d ago

You may not realize this but gamers buy the PS4 as well. You want to look at the vast majority of current gen console owners and discount them? Thats your pejorative, but know that the PS4/Xbox One console war has and will continue to be decided by gamers.

BitbyDeath1221d ago

I don't think anyone expects MS to beat Sony worldwide this holiday, last year Sony sold 6.4 million with acclaimed 'no games'. Where as MS was around 2-3M. MS can only hope for a win in America and maybe the UK at best.

Godmars2901221d ago

What usually happens in that case: spin. By MS and any bias X1 game site and/or blog.

Same if the PS3 not only sells poorly but loses ground. Pro-Sony sites will work twice if not more harder than official PR to put things in their favor.

DarXyde1221d ago


You have neglected the fact that, between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, one of them is perceived as a dedicated gaming device, the other a multimedia device that also plays games.

Remind me how PlayStation 4 success is not a win for shareholders AND gamers again. Microsoft absolutely has some big guns this holiday season, but I'm inclined to believe they may not win the holiday season. Everyone will do well, I'm sure, but Halo is really the one system seller for Microsoft this fall. Tomb Raider isn't really portrayed as a system seller and I don't believe it ever has been. Several Forza games are on Xbox One already, so I don't see a new one granting a mass boost to sales; people who bought an Xbox One for Forza likely have one already. The other big games are also on PlayStation 4 which most people's friends have already and we tend to favor what our social circle enjoys.

It may take NPD given the franchises of interest, but I don't think it'll be a substantial lead, should it even occur.

MysticStrummer1221d ago

lol @ martin

PS4 has more games to play, which makes the "games can wait" part of the title pretty silly. PS4 will still have more games and more exclusives even after XB1's fall releases.

styferion1221d ago


lol, seriously? There're still actual, living people that thinks PS4 sold more because of hype?
Try living outside NA/UK will you, see if choosing your beloved box is really a smart thing to do.

Truthandreason1221d ago

Xbox 1 won last years holiday sales in US and they had a weak lineup, but their console was typically cheaper or had better bundles. Xbox 1 will actually have some heavy hitters this holiday season and will still probably be cheaper as MS will want to increase its install base again. Sony has no answer for Forza 6, Gears, and Halo - all mainstream audience system sellers. I would say most gamers, (not fanatical n4g fanboys) would see the x1 as a pretty compelling product this year and those who already have a PS4 finally have a good reason to pick up system #2

Death1220d ago


Which one is perceived as the gaming console, the one with the subscription TV service that replaces your existing cable TV provider or the one that works with your existing cable TV provider? It's funny how the company with the business model aimed at turning your console into a subscription TV box is the one perceived as the dedicated gaming console by some.

DigitalRaptor1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

@ Death

Not this obtuse crap again. You know, but disingenuously claim that a gaming console with a TV services apps (PS4) is comparable to a console with non-gaming experiences such as TV integration built into its core from a division head with vastly different goals for the brand, when you know that it's really not the same. Another clear distinction is that Microsoft created TV division for Xbox with creators making content specifically for.... their TV focus. Sony has movie and television studios for years. Roots grow before leaves do.

I turn my PS4 on, and its games, games, games, games and....? GAMES. It has been since launch and it is right now and going forward. I don't see much else unless I go hunting for it. You can say the same thing about Xbox One now that its improving the OS to be more game-centric, but I believe DarXyde was talking about perception, and yes... Xbox One does still have that lingering perception when it comes to the mass market. Do you disagree?

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S2Killinit1221d ago

What a loaded headline. Smart move by the author. First off, PS4 wont be having a price cut this holiday since it doesnt need one in my opinion. Secondly, "games can wait??" I wonder if this guy knows that ever since MS announced it "best line up ever", 2-1/2 months have past, during which time PS4 has had more exclusive! Wouldnt you know it, yet articles like this keep trying to pund it in our heads that MS has been the one with the exclusives. Sorry but not all of us are as gullible. Nice try.

q8kik1221d ago

You know gaming journalism is getting worse day after day when Dragon Quest is "not big enough".

nitus101221d ago

A price cut is nice for the PS4 but good or selectable gaming bundles will sell more PS4's.

Consider this, say a 500GB PS4 with say 2 mediocre (this is subjective) games is $350.00 but a 1TB PS4 with your choice of 3 games or 2 games plus an extra controller for $450.00, which bundle would choose?

This is not to say something like the above will occur but judging from the previous lead up to the last holiday season there is a good chance that it may.

joeorc1220d ago

Its like this:

Media keep's: talking about Sony's "lack of exclusives"

All the while Sony computer entertainment:

Just nods smiles, and keeps loading the Auto paint ball shot gun with the word "Exclusive" written on each and every paintball shotgun shell.

Relientk771221d ago

Tales of Zestiria, Persona 5

JRPGs and a price cut, nice

RedCloud881220d ago

I buy so many games I barely get around to playing them these days. And honestly I prefer my Xbox One over my PS4, mainly because I prefer live, the ui and most of my friends game on Xbox. But Tales of Zestria is the most exciting game of the year for me. We need more tales games, and some more traditional jrpg's. Feel like it's been a decade since the laat AAA JRPG came out.