Gamers in Bloodborne tricked me, here's how it happened

Gamer who play Bloodborne may be a devious bunch, but some of them are crafty enough to trick you even without invading your world. Find out how they played Tony Nguyen at [email protected] "like a damn fiddle."

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Godmars2901181d ago

Here's what happened: you listened to strangers on the internet.

KwietStorm1181d ago

It's pretty common for players to purposely mislead people in the Souls games.

Xavior_Reigns1181d ago

Oh the pit behind the big boar in the beginning has plenty of my victims corpses. Such fools they were to believe in faith, the foul marker was insane lol.

aquaticDonut1181d ago

I've never experienced this in a Souls game. Mostly because I rarely if ever play online.

Perjoss1181d ago

You're kind of missing the point of the Souls series if you play offline.

aquaticDonut1181d ago

I play them because I like having fun with them, and because I like finding secrets. Having people annoy me by invading and telling me where the secrets are and/or deliberately misleading me detracts from that. What's nice about most games is that everyone can play them their own way. This is the way I play.

DragonDDark1181d ago

What's the point of the souls series?
Make it easier?

NewMonday1180d ago


played it totally offline as well, just platinum it the other day, only my second platinum ever.

Irishguy951181d ago

A shame, its much better online. Even though its great single player too. However, you just don't listen.

aquaticDonut1181d ago

I personally find it less enjoyable. =/ But that's why it's an option: so it can appeal to everyone.

StrawberryDiesel4201181d ago

Absolutely loved getting invaded in Demon's Souls. It was revolutionary and worked very well. I had some epic duels. There was such a feeling of true fear that came over me when I was dungeon crawling barely surviving, seeing that I was getting invaded and someone was hunting me in my own single player game. Instilled more fear in me than any horror game I have ever played. Bloodborne has some great invasions, though they're much less frequent.

DreamGamer1180d ago

I think that's why it intrigues me so much. It's something that could only really be done by indirect contact via online capabilities, hence the line "without the prankster telling you it was [a prank]."

But yeah, nothing wrong with not playing online.

diesoft1181d ago

That's it? Gamers tricked you into thinking there was a monster but there wasn't? Ooh.

DreamGamer1180d ago

A trick's a trick, and I just happen to think it's a swell one. Yes, in reality, it's really simple, but it does bring a set of mind games along with it.

That, and I'm a little wuss who screams at jump scares :P

diesoft1180d ago

If not scaring you is a noteworthy trick then I have a few M. Night Shyamalan movies you're going to LOVE.