Gravity Rush Remastered Graphics Comparison PS Vita vs PS4

Gravity Rush Remastered is heading to PS4 to be released in early 2016.
Here's short video showing changes made in graphics, and it shows clearly that improvement will be significant.

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Genuine-User1125d ago

Significant upgrade in the texture department.

MrSec841125d ago

It's a significant upgrade in all areas, be it geometry, textures, overall image clarity, the lighting, AA, AF.
There are significant changes in all areas of the visuals for sure.

I think the remaster is also 60FPS too.
The difference should be on this level, great to see such an awesome job being made of this.

I have the vita game, but something about it felt a little off too me, so I could never really get into playing it through, but the vast improvements here make me want to get this.

Genuine-User1125d ago

I agree. However, the Vita version was great in my opinion.

MrSec841124d ago

@Genuine: I think it was the how screen moves when you use the gyro control in the game.

I think the Dualshock 4 being the thing you move for the gyro control of the game in the remaster and the game being displayed on a fixed screen will resolve that.
The gameplay does seem really good besides those issues, I just couldn't get passed that on the Vita version of Gravity Rush.

callahan091125d ago

Looks way cleaner and you can make out a lot more detail. Same picture, just presented much better and more accurately to the art. This is a similar comparison to, for example, the same movie on DVD vs Blu-Ray. I mean, it's the same thing, but damn does it just look a lot better and easier to make out the detail on the upgraded version! I've already played this on Vita, but when I can get it for about 20 bucks on PS4, I'll play it again in its new & improved format.

Sarah_Ch1125d ago

I missed it on vita, can't wait to play it on ps4😻

bouzebbal1125d ago

it has been free with PS+ for over a year with Uncharted.
I have to admit, this remaster is so tempting. I hope they keep the gyroscope gameplay with the DS4 and not only the R stick

1125d ago
darren_poolies1125d ago

Anyone got a link to screenshots? I can't watch the video.

NiteX1125d ago

One of the reasons I bought a Vita, really really enjoyed the game. Looking forward to playing it again on PS4 and then playing the sequel.

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