GamesBeat: Forza Motorsport 6 is the new king of console racing sims

Games often do this thing where they make you love a subject that you previously didn’t care as much about.

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Trekster_Gamer1545d ago

It's been King for a long time....

reallyNow1544d ago

Still hasn't become a sim. It's a fun racing game. Leave it as there. The only reason some call it a sim is because reviewers like to try to compare it to Gran Turismo, which is a driving sim.

1544d ago
Kiwi661544d ago

How about you play forza without assists and then tell me it isn't a sim

reallyNow1544d ago

If an astronaut plays space invaders, does it make it a NASA sim? Use your thoughts.

Dread1544d ago


gran tourismo is NOT nasa

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GreenUp1544d ago

I prefer Forza over GT. I love the Corrado VR6. :)

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