Kingdom Hearts DKS3713 Wrap Up

It's been a long two days with all the information pouring in, but the event is officially over now. Here's a run down of all the important points you may have missed! KHInsider compiled all the info on Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days, and Coded, including exclusive trailer translations, demo impressions, and more! If you want to see the most comprehensive compilation of all new Kingdom Hearts info, it's here!

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thewho4322d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 - PS3 exclusive.
Where are you?

Lyan4322d ago

Where is KH3 period. No major reward in exclusivity anymore from a developers standpoint. There is nothing wrong with multiplatform development anyway, allows more fans/consumers to enjoy the brand.

PS360WII4322d ago

Kingdom Hearts for mobile, PSP, and DS :) Can't go wrong and also means KH3 news will be nowhere to find for a good time

PeterGriffinSays4322d ago of the lamest events in a while.

avacadosnorkel4322d ago

when they start working with MS

mint royale4322d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 -- wii exclusive
Where are you?

Although at this rate it'll probably be on the iphone.

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