Top 10 Ways XCOM 2 Can Surpass XCOM: Enemy Unknown

COG writes - Our resident turn-based strategy pro was an XCOM: Enemy Unknown super fan. David gets right into it and gives us the 10 best ways that XCOM 2 can improve on its predecessor.

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JohnnyXeo1126d ago

Love me some turn based games.

Paulhammer1126d ago

I'm reasonably happy they delayed this - will be nice to have in the dark days of winter.

MRBIGCAT1126d ago

I loved the first one, can't wait for this!

MercilessDMercer1126d ago

This is another series that I hear sooooo much about but have never played nor do I even personally know anyone who has played it! Kind of bizarre, but this article has put this on my radar

GrapesOfRaf1126d ago

It's really good if you like tactics games.

Dlacy13g1126d ago

It's one of my all time favorite game series. The new iteration/reboot of X-com was fantastic.

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