Gamers Universe Review: Pool Party

Phil May writes:

''No doubt most readers (like the GU team) have spent, or rather misspent several hours down at their local sticky-carpeted boozer clacking balls around a thinly baized table, playing pool, snooker or the rather more gentlemanly pursuit of billiards. It's almost an ingrained part of our culture.

For the true experience the table should be wonky with hardly any room to extend your cue before hitting a wall, a window or a pub patron with facial scarring and 'I luv mum' tattooed across his forearms (and forehead). Warm ale-based beverages should be consumed copiously throughout the entire duration of the game, and a quid slapped down on one of the side cushions should secure the table for the next game (or secure queue jumpers a swift beating with the spider cue).

Pool Party from Southpeak Interactive brings the thrill of wielding a cue and potting balls to the comfort and safety of your front room and your trusty Wii. And unlike a lot of the waggle-based nonsense we've hard to endure recently, Pool Party is actually not all that bad.''

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