Free, professional games on your phone

Apple has finally opened the iPhone and iPod Touch to third party developers and mobile gaming will never be the same. There are now hundreds of games that you can download and play right on your iPhone. The games range from free and very basic to full-blown games created by some of the top developers in the industry. This will be the first of many iPhone game reviews to come.

The App Store is full of free games. Some have OK game play and good graphics, while others are a waste of space on your phone. With that being said, one of the best overall games in the App Store is a free game, Aurora Feint The Beginning. Aurora Feint brings an interesting twist on the traditional puzzle game. This game is similar to Bejeweled where you must drag and push different elemental blocks horizontally until you line up three or more like blocks in a row. An RPG element is added to this game by choosing a type of character to play the game and unlocking blueprints to power up your character. Another cool feature is the ability to add your friends from your contacts. You will then be able to play with your friends over and EDGE or WI-FI connection.

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