The Literary Heritage of Sunless Sea

Kill Screen:

"The journal was tattered but finely crafted. It had weathered the sea well. The thick pages had been hand-sewn into their leather cover. Inside, the captain’s unwavering hand told the story of his crew’s harrowing encounter with the inhabitants of the Isle of Codex. Placed with care inside a small coffin-shaped box, the journal had drifted from the place where its captain’s ship slipped beneath the waves until it reached this distant shore. Such was the story my student, Ryan, told of the items he had created for his final project in my class on nautical narratives at Georgia Tech. Ryan’s project elaborated on Sunless Sea, the game on which his project was based, by showing how the sea can become a conduit for the reception of maritime lore; in this case, the sea served to propagate a story that contributed to its own mythos. It’s precisely this kind of creative response that demonstrates how Sunless Sea interacts with the deep history of nautical literature in the nineteenth century."

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