Game Vortex Review: Song Summoner

Ricky Tucker reports:

''Song Summoner was my first experience with a "commercial" iPod game and is a big reason I still carry my iPod around even though I also have one built into my iPhone.

I played the game on the smallest screen possible and was impressed with how great it looked. Visually, the game holds on to one of the hallmarks of RPG design and gives all of the characters a distinctive trait that is really easy to pick out on the battlefield. This was right in line with my expectations but text, on the other hand, was my big worry. Small screen size was the reason I abandoned my GBA Micro and I was expecting the same squinty-eyed experience with my iPod. Everything is big enough that it is readable, though not so big that it engulfs the entire screen. Icons are used when appropriate and also help to speed up the process.

Although Song Summoner makes use of the songs on your iPod, the game features its own soundtrack. Though not as memorable as other Square Enix soundtracks, the songs work for the game and fit the overall mood.''

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