10 Reasons Why The Taken King Is the Best Time to Jump Back Into Destiny

PSLS: "Bungie has been hard at work in the past year. After two expansion packs — The Dark Below & House of Wolves — they’ve released the first huge add-on to Destiny called The Taken King. Set to turn even doubters into believers, there’s a lot of great additions and fixes to the Destiny formula. Here are 10 reasons why The Taken King is the perfect time to jump back into Destiny or to play it for the very first time!"

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pompombrum1546d ago

Really clutching at straws with that list, half of them aren't even positives imho. For me, the bottom line is the expansion finally puts Destiny a lot closer to the game we all expected it to be at launch. For many, that's awesome and a great reason to jump back but for some, paying over double to get what feels like a complete game, just isn't worth the money or time investment.

One thing I'll say though in regards to this article and all the others similar to this, don't let the level 40 cap fool you. Light level is just as important as ever and with more slots having light, it's actually worse now than before if anything.

Automatic791546d ago

Well said aiBreeze I can't see myself going back when there are so many great shooters out now or on the horizon. At this point and time I will wait for the sequel. Hopefully they will take everything they learned and give us an experience beyond belief especially with the unofficial Beta that has been going on since last year with this game.

StanLee1546d ago

1 year and $140 to get the game we should have gotten a year ago. I was an avid Destiny player until after the release of Crota's End. I couldn't defend the game, it's systems or it's lack of content anymore. My games list at this time of the year is massive. MGSV, Madden, Fifa, Forza, Uncharted Collection, Halo, Tomb Raider, Fallout, Seige, Star Wars, NBA2K. When, just when am I suppose to jump back into Destiny?

ABizzel11546d ago

The main reason to jump back in is because Destiny is finally the full, complete, MMO-like game that was promised in dev dairies, and what we deserved at launch.

The Taken King finally turns Destiny into a really good game, instead of a Good game with a ton of stupid decisions.

It shouldn't have cost most people $140 to get to this point, but it's the first DLC to be almost worth the asking price.

user99502791546d ago

If it was free, yes.

If my PS4 DVD drive wasn't busted, yes.

Sadly, no.

-Foxtrot1546d ago

Even with the content it offers along with the main game we got it's still not enough.

I mean especially if you are paying a lot of money for this, it really means you are paying for more Desinty and still not getting your moneys worth

Septic1546d ago

Its the price of a full game! Why does it feel like all the content before TTK was just a beta?

Ugh I might have to dip into Destiny... Unless MGS and Unit Dawn hold me over until Halo.

MysticStrummer1546d ago

"…still not getting your moneys worth"

That's up to each person, not you.

cplus1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

TTK is well worth the money imo. To anyone who wants to say "you support this system and buying dlc/expansions every 3-4 months?" I say yes, I'm not broke and I put a lot of hours into Destiny making it worth my money.

kmeck5181546d ago

I've been really enjoying TTK. Sure it ticks me off a little that i've spent a total of $140 where someone who picks up the legendary edition for $60 and gets all of the same content. But that's pretty much how it goes for early adapters of everything. If you purchase a game right away it's always going to be more expensive than it will be in a year. Granted this is a bit more of an extreme case.

cell9891546d ago

for $60 youre getting the original game, dark below, house of wolves and taken king. Thats a lot of content if youve never played destiny

_LarZen_1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Reading around it seams like some people are just in denial about what have been done to the game. Reasons many complained so much about and was the reason they stopped playing.

And people complaining about price and money. If money is a huge topic when it comes to games. Then consider stop playing games. Use money on important tings instead.

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