Game Vortex Review: NCAA Football 09

Gane Vortex reports:

''EA has come through with another year of a great looking college gridiron game in NCAA Football 2009. Once again, player models look great, and the stadiums also fit the bill (although I don't know how accurately they recreate each). While the players are certainly generic-looking because of the laws surrounding college sports, they still have a realistic look and feel. On the field, you'll also be entertained by the likes of digitally recreated mascots, coaches, and fans. It's also worth a mention that the animation system and fluidness of controls is absolutely outstanding at times.

Speaking of the fans, the audio elements of college football also shine from the cheering in the stands to the fight songs playing in the background. Menus contain music and visuals for each team as well, so while it's possible to get overly repetitive, at least you'll be less likely to get sick of your hometown's fight song. On the field, you'll also be treated to the usual, from the groaning of players breaking tackles to the celebrations after those second efforts result in scores.''

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