Iwata: Cost of WiiMotion Plus "Not Much"–Will be "Very Affordable"

Nintendo President Saturo Iwata said that the production costs of the WiiMotion Plus is "not much," and will be "very affordable" to consumers.

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Alexander Roy4321d ago

If the WiiMotionPlus is so cheap, why didn't they include it in the WiiMote in the first place? You can't tell me they just recently had that breakthrough in motion sensing hardware.

That's like... if Sony would have released the first PSX controllers as controllers for the PS3 and then announced the two analog sticks as an addon, that you basically have to buy if you want to play the upcmoming games.
Besides, how many official addons does the Wii have then? Nunchuck, ClassicController, WiiMotionPlus, WiiSpeak (with Animal Crossing), WiiFit-Mat-thingy, did I miss one?
My gripe with that is just... When you buy an XBox 360, you buy a gamepad for every player. When you buy a PS3, you buy a gamepad for every player (with or without rumble, depending on preference).
When you buy a Wii, you buy a WiiMote for every player, a Nunchuck, a CC, that mat thing (wanna bet there will be games that support multiple of that thing?), the WiiF'ingMotionPlus and so on.
In the end, you spend more money for addons than for the console itself. Call me oldschool, but that's crazy.

thewesker4321d ago

i think if it's coming out in 09 it's pretty clear that it wasn't ready to ship with the wii itself, and might not have even been in development.

Smacktard4320d ago

...Sigh. Get your facts straight before you ASSume, Alexander. Nintendo has stated that they didn't have that technology when first shipping the Wii, and only started thinking about Motion Plus after the Wii first started shipping.

chasuk084321d ago

If its any more than £10-£15 it wont be mass market

Prismo_Fillusion4321d ago

How about free?

I already spent $60 twice on controllers, which is as much, if not more, than controllers on the other systems. Does Nintendo realize that if this new add-on costs $20 that buying one controller will cost 30% of the system's total price? And being that the Wii is a party system, almost everyone owning it has 2-4 controllers.

dannyhinote_134321d ago

Well, how do they do free exactly? Have little bowls of them at GameStop's and Wal-Mart's that say "Take only four, please."

$5-10 is perfectly reasonable. Packing them in with all future Wiimotes and all future systems would definitely be the way to go as well.

Prismo_Fillusion4321d ago

They sent out free controller covers. I got four with absolutely no fee.

But I was making a point; not actually expecting the add-ons to be free. The point is that it's becoming far too expensive to own/buy Wii controllers.

Sitdown4320d ago

I am not saying they should or should not give them free....and while your post was rather comical.........Microsoft was able to give out new power plugs for the original xbox by having people register for them on the addition, they did something similar with the transfer kits for the new 360 hdd. They could easily do the same, with you only being allotted four per household.

SmokingMonkey4321d ago

remember, the lightsaber game?! apparently the original wiimote wasn't able to handle that technology....big ol rip'off IMO and guess what else, wiimotes in the future will come with "motion plus" inside, so why buy this cumbersome add on.

jtucker784321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Yeah, remember the first Wii adverts, on before any screenshots were ever released.
They showed people performing motions (no screen footage - I wonder why!): they had one person using the wiimote as a torch and one wielding it as a sword. (Basically using the Wiimote as if it had MotionPlus technology.)
I bought my Wii based on that advert. I wonder if it is possible to sue Nintendo based on trading standards? If Nintendo have any sense, that advert will have been deleted off every system they own.
That is the only (other) reason I've hated on Nintendo in the past (the first was because of the console specs) as I didn't realise that the Wii couldn't do what it purported to do.
The first day I played Wii Sports it put me in a really bad mood. I figured that it was just a demo of the new technology and things would get better.
But unfortunately motion never got any better.
IR, on the other hand, was great. Metroid used IR and it worked well for the FPS.

Now that MotionPlus is on it's way it's angered me that Nintendo have always known that Motion never worked properly and now we have to pay to get the experience we were "shown" would be possible at launch.

Matt Casamassina (IGN) had this to say about Red Steel:

"And on top of everything else, there is a lot of variety here, whether you're sniping enemies from afar or battling them in a sword duel, whose control mechanics - although not one-to-one, as hoped - are adequately implemented."

Well Matt, little did you know that "one-to-one" was not possible on the Wii in 2006, but don't feel bad - none of us knew. Nintendo thought they'd omit that from us.

But hey, now we can pay for an additional add-on so we can play the Wii like we thought we'd be able to play it in 2006.

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