We May See More 3D Remakes If Final Fantasy Adventure Does Well

Square Enix revealed that the Final Fantasy Adventure game they’ve been teasing is a remake of the first game. Producer Masaru Oyamada spoke with Dengekiabout the upcoming title and possibilities for other future remakes.

When asked about the reason behind the remake, Oyamada explains that next year is the Mana [Seiken Densetsu in Japan] series’ 25th anniversary, so he thought about having fans get to play the games sequentially on the latest platforms.

There was a bit of an argument going on in Square Enix on whether they should do the remake as a 2D game, but Oyamada explained that it easier to control 3D games on smartphone. From there, they settled on the idea that it would be better to make it in 3D, especially should they consider doing remakes for Seiken Densetsu 2 and Seiken Densetsu 3.*

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BenRage31544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

How has this not hit my radar until now? More games like this for the Vita please.

Spenok1544d ago

Damnit, and I JUST beat the first one (Via the PS1 remake on Vita) this last weekend. That's annoying :/

3-4-51544d ago

Never got to play this, but I'm actually pretty excited to get a new game for Vita potentially.

Hopefully these are coming west.

madcowzz1544d ago

Final Fantasy Legend trilogy and Mystic Quest please!

HentaiMasterRace1544d ago

Hopefully it sells well, Vita needs more games from well known publishers.