Final Fantasy XV - Location Hunting


"Watch the Final Fantasy XV development team scout locations, learn to cook and make friends with bugs in preparation for the game."

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Last_Boss1544d ago

Incredible amount of work.

You noticed they only showed the Ramuh summon. Spoilers abound in this trailer.

Magicite1544d ago

might a have a chance at GOTY.

_-EDMIX-_1544d ago

I think FFXV has a great chance at being GOTY, its hard because Horizon could be that...Uncharted 4 could be that.

But reality is.....that is a great damn dilemma to have lol. Reminds me of 2001 when we had MGS2, Halo, GTA III and FFX all in the same year, talk about MEGATON! lol

But in terms of tech, FFXV is on a WHOLE nother level.

Just beyond insane! The best in the business.

DarkOcelet1544d ago

The Piggy Dinosaur is based off a Giraffe? Awesome!

Last_Boss1544d ago

That's what I saw as soon ass they showed it.