6 Greatest Launch Games of All Time

Justin from Controller Crusade writes "With the memory of console launches fading behind us – and inevitably looming ahead of us – our minds turn to the games that launched alongside them. These “launch games” are, for many people, the first taste of a new generation and they set the stage for the years ahead. While most launch games are nothing to write home about – previous generation ports and titles rushed to meet the launch deadline – there are others whose quality and influence extend far beyond launch day and become the platform’s defining titles. Some are not just great launch games; they’re some of the best games ever made.

We’ve compiled a list of launch games that are the best of the best. We’ve scored them based on both quality – obviously – and their lasting influence on the industry."

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GrantPatterson1551d ago

SoulCalibur for Dreamcast was the best launch title imaginable for a non-Nintendo system. The first game for the system, and yet, even at the end of its lifespan it was still one of the best.

FlexLuger1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Agreed. I bought an import DC from computer exchange to get this game early. Along with sega rally 2 and virtua fighter 3. Good times.

Super mario world on snes was special.

Super mario 64 is the birth of 3d platformers and a glimpse at what game worlds could be. Ill never forget that game. I would happily play it again today. Its been so long. And I bet I would still enjoy it.

Halo was immense. Ill never forget playing that game fro the first time. Before that we played splitscreen golden eye all the time. Halo was the game that put it to rest in my house.

I dunno how I feel about wiisports on this list. Yeah it was a system seller but how many core gamers really cared for it? Its no mario or zelda.

Neonridr1551d ago

Wii Sports did break down a lot of barriers in place that video games were simply for younger people. It also gave us a new way of playing the games via motion controls. Something we will see a lot more of once VR finally takes off. It was a little early, but still fascinating regardless.

FlexLuger1551d ago


You are correct, in that it did break a lot of barriers. And tjhat was a good thing. Im happy to see more people of all ages become gamers.

BUT..and this is a big but...will we remember it with the same fondness of so many classic nintendo games? I dunno. But yes it did make motion controls a thing, and in turn, those gameplay experiences and control systems will find their way into VR games (PS move, is bascially a wiimote after all and that seems to be destined to be the PS VR control method of choice). So its not all bad...but man...I hated wii sports! lol

freshslicepizza1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

halo - xbox
mario 64 - n64
duck hunt/super mario bros - nes
super mario world - snes
wii sports - wii
virtua fighter - sega saturn
ridge racer - first playstation
nfl 2k/soulcalibur - dreamcast
madden 2001 - ps2

we don't see must have games at launch very rarely which is really a shame.

3-4-51551d ago

I remember playing Mario 64 + Wave Race 64 on Christmas Day 1996 = One of the best memories of my life.

I was 12, and had a new N64 with two of the most fun games ever to play.

The water physics in Wave Race + 3D Mario completely and instantly changed gaming for me and millions others on that day.

Follow it up with Mario Kart 64 + Goldeneye 007 within 2-3 months of this release and that = 4 of the most fun games ever to play near or at launch.

* Honorable mention goes to Super Mario World & Sould Calibur & Crimson Skies

Paytaa1551d ago

I'll never forget my first array into Halo. My dad bought my sister and I this thing called the "Xbox" for Christmas 2001 and I was still gaming on my Dreamcast at the time. It came with Halo, DOA 3, and Project Gotham Racing. First time I played Halo split screen with my dad was literally life changing because it led to my whole neighborhood getting an Xbox (only kids in school with one pre-Halo 2 while everyone had PS2's) and we'd have Halo party's all the time in elementary school and so on. I could go on all day but Halo CE really left it's mark on the industry and I wouldn't be the person I am today without it and it'll continue to be my favorite franchise forever.

tweet751551d ago

Super mario brothers in 1986

Rookie_Monster1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Mario bros (nes) the game that brought gaming to the mainstream.

Mario 64 (n64) the game that usher us to analogy stick 3D control on 3D games.

Halo Combat Evolve (xbox) the console FPS that made a PC dominant genre popular on console for the first time.

Super Mario World (snes)

Soul Caliber (Dreamcast)

ALIEN VS PREDATOR (Jaguar) a sleeper hit

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