Interview - Tom Hunt: NZ to get GOW2 first


''We talked to the head of Xbox NZ, Tom Hunt, recently about some of the announcements made at E3. He was tight-lipped about the company's plans, but here's what we got out of him... ''

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Ogrekiller3730d ago

Does this Gameplanet even know what they're talking about?

Bombibomb3730d ago

GOW2 was released last year.

CViper3730d ago

might as well take this one too.

Immortal Kaim3730d ago

How is this a story? Of course NZ will get the game first when it's a worldwide release. I suggest this site research UTC.

Superfragilistic3730d ago

Yeah besides, they forgot the important part that Aussies are next in line, and will be the first to chainsaw their All Black limbs! lol ;)

Peekay3730d ago

above me - yeah sorta like they did on the weekend! hahaha

Superfragilistic3730d ago

It's one all mate, don't start countin your chickens... I mean kiwis... just yet! lol

FantasyStar3730d ago

I think author means GeoW2.

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