Games Abyss Preview: Mirror's Edge

Sean Tonks writes:

''A few weeks back, a trailer of a beautifully rendered cityscape being traversed creatively by an equally beautiful woman set the curiosity of gamers on fire. Through this mysterious woman's eyes we saw her leap across rooftops, balance a small pipe bridging a death dealing fall, and slide through catwalks while being stalked by some form of police force. This trailer oozed the essence of "cool" and creativity. Forums were even alive with cries looking for the music that accompanied the eye-catching snippet of gameplay. But aside from basic plot points and the title, we knew little else on EA and DICE's upcoming release of Mirror's Edge, until now. We were give the opportunity to see just how the game will basically function, as well some of the exciting features, and a bit beyond the white roof-tops we see in the trailers.

A unique premise sets up Mirror's Edge and tosses you into the thick of the game without wasting any time. Taking place in a world where corrupt governmental control of media and information is locked tight, a small band of resistance fighters operate under the radar. But in this world where all electronic information is regulated, how is this achieved? Runners. Just like the Greeks of old, the only way for the freedom fighters to pass information from group to group is by using couriers. Enter Faith, a lithe beauty with more athletic ability than the sturdiest Greek soldier.''

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Bombibomb4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

I am so getting Mirror's Edge for PS3 on day one.