Additional pack shot images for the two Star Wars Battlefront PS4 System Bundles

Additional pack shot images have been listed for the 500GB PlayStation 4 Console Star Wars Battlefront Bundle and 500GB PlayStation 4 Console Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront Bundle.

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1541d ago
SpaceRanger1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Top bundle coming out this holiday!

1541d ago
u4one1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

im excited for this game, and i'll probably even buy it on ps4 but I'm really not jazzed about that ps4 themed design. it feels like a hugely missed opportunity to do something really badass. the ps4 in general looks so sleek and this design is just kinda cartoony and silly. could have been like a really nice graphical silhouette of the vader mask, where you only see the highlights to form the shapes of it or even a black on black helmet design, or doing something clever with the indicator light across the top... or anything... i wanna make my own.

OB1Biker1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

It's of course matter of preference and there should be a white one too but I think most pics are not very good and don't do it justice. It's more subtle than it seems and that darker than usual top colour in contrast with the standard coloured bottom makes me want to eat it so to speak or at least to hold one in my hand. Love the shiny black DS4 too

cd11540d ago

I don't dislike the design but i know what you mean, there was potential there for far more creativity - lets just hope the game makes up for it!

chrisco84au1538d ago

Pre ordered my Vader console today. So excited.
Star Wars is my favourite franchise had to get one.

In Aus we get the Vader console but it's 1TB. Pretty happy with that.