Nintendo’s New President Is a Perfect (But Temporary) Fit for the Role

GR: It's no secret that Nintendo is currently in a major state of transition. Wii U hasn't been flying off store shelves and 3DS is undoubtedly nearing the end of its life. Smart devices are taking over the mobile landscape, and the hardware market is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. As such, Nintendo is finally embracing mobile, while also prepping the launch of a completely new platform, codenamed NX.

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Ck1x1545d ago

Who cares if he's just temporary, how come no one is talking about the new patent that recently came out from Nintendo on the scrollable/clickable shoulder buttons? I feel this is the problem with N4G, because had this been a Sony patent everyone be screaming game changer and innovation at its highest!

People want to discuss gaming and where it needs to go in the future, let's not pretend that what we currently game on is the pinnacle of what it could be. People are far to excepting to be happy with the same control methods from 2 and 3 consoles ago. I agree not everything new is good, but I personally like to see progress in how we interact with games. This patent will be major if it's apart of the NX design, probably on the level of the d-pad and analog sticks.

N4g_null1545d ago

The truth is this is actually a pop site with some detidicated users that go from sony to Xbox due to the flash bang pr games they release. The old core will play about anything yet the new core is about as casual as it gets but the truth is we are all hardcore in our own way.

Seriously people want nintendo to stop innovating and go 3rd party because they don't believe it's cool to have a nintendo. I mean the 3ds is like have a porn collection. LoL. Every one has one but doesn't talk about it lol.

Hey luckily you do have some people in the know and really if you have the time submit the story. I don't do this much simply because I'm busy most of the day. Yet n4g is horrible for Nintendo news. Even worst for a productive discussion on gaming. What you can find is the current level of hype and blind devotion ps has.

Also nintendo new president is an adult conversation. I'm not sure most people understand how these corps work.

I will say this much. The dude is super capable. Doesn't seem arrogant and the plans are already in motion. The teams are set and the company is heading in a truly earth shattering direction.

20 years of split development is going to be focused on one platform. Consoles with different power levels are possible. Multiple controller designs are possible and now nintendo will be in the mobile market.

What is telling is... Pokémon go. This guy helped run Pokémon everything. It is the franchise that beats anything miyamoto has made. It is not stale and people still love it. If the home console can also run the Pokémon games then you have a flash point. 200 million users on mobile can make 3rd party game port funding feasible and affordable suddenly.

I'm starting to see what the was. It was simply a precursor to the nx project and the mobile projects. Had the wiiu been a smashing success with full 3rd party support nintendo might have went with more power. Yet now they are forced to double down on their own talent. Which is a good bet.

Now they can pursue power, portability, and fun factor with what ever hardware they want now, simultaneously.

It is also important to see why nintendo is a software and hardware maker. The patents show concepts where some are similar to other ideas but are elagant in excucution. Most of these ideas are only possible from game designers which is what many of their competitors lack, yet make up for in graphics to their respective audience.

Ck1x1545d ago

I couldn't agree more with everything that you said. I like gaming overall and will play on or purchase any device that pulls me into what makes their software unique and fresh. When you are an adult and have a full life, you tend to want things that are going to leave a lasting impression on you because we don't have that much time to spare.

I definitely agree with you on his status and reputation for what he has done with Pokémon. That's probably one of the deciding factors that has held the home consoles from having that instant handheld boost in hardware sales. If Nintendo can fully tap into the shear monster of success that Pokémon could be with ties to mobile. It would easily bring in a whole new generation of gamers that never even considered buying a Nintendo device.

I had never played a Pokémon game before X/Y and between those games and FE Awakening. Nothing has occupied my time more in the same way on 3ds. So all of this news of a new president being picked, a reorganization within the company and all of these new patents has me excited to see and hear more about the NX.

I believe it may have been Genyo Takeda from Nintendo who was recently quoted saying that the lacking excitement from the WiiU launch will definitely be present in the NX!

marloc_x1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

"Yet now they are forced to double down on their own talent." 

What an eloquent comment, very well said!
This is from an old core who still is sportin' a Vectrex and several Ninty handhelds, (there's MY dirty little secret😉)..

Agreed, Nintendo is in an excellent position.👍

N4g_null1545d ago

I was never big into Pokémon but I surely understand it's draw. I come to these type of sites to see what the youth are saying really. I'm fully aware of what adults are saying yet when the wii came out more adults became vocal about gaming. Now they have went back to phone games. People in the development communities have ignore mobile for a while with the belief that it could never be like console gaming.

That insular idea will choke gaming. I'm literally watching as mobile gaming is representative of arcade gaming more than consoles right now. The arcades where the birth place of the modern console.

Mobile is coming and no development team alive is dumb enough not to join in.

Yet nintendo has all of the pieces now. A president who is very shrude. The talent to come up with software and hardware solutions and out side parties creating some world class dev tools.

Then you have the option to develop on way more platforms while maintaining the nintendo experience which is the sweet spot of gaming.

I'm excited, simply because dev will be even easier. Plus you will see way more new comers. Mine craft is the new doom editor, mod community. Mario maker will contribute to this also. The wiiu is more that a console it is a nexus of game design tools. It is the turning point where nintendo starts to create more development teams from its fan base by showing them how it's done. This is the karate kid wax on moment. There are a ton of people with wiiu dev kits. Tons of games being worked on. Some of this stuff won't show up till 2018.

The nx platform is likely to redefine console gaming and unite it in some ways. Yet drag it back to what made arcades fun.

The gateway systems have to be remade and nintendo has to recognize that they need to offer adult hardware that enthusiasts can afford. With dev systems that scale from those gateway products to the premium stuff.

The scrolling shoulder buttons are very cool. I would welcome that. You could use that in a metroid game. Shift gears by pressing then spinning them.

Also notice that even this controller has a cpu!?