Atlus publishing Kickstarter game Cryamore; still coming to Wii U; new video

NE's Matt writes:

"Cryamore is an action RPG by developer NostalgiCO that was funded via Kickstarter more than two years ago. Today, NostalgiCO announced that, in order to ensure that the game will be released on time and that it will be up to their quality standards, they’ve teamed up with Atlus, who will be publishing the game."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1548d ago

Excellent news!
And is it just me, or is this game giving off some Secret of Mana era vibes?

Last_Boss1548d ago

Reminds me of Island of Wakfu.

blackblades1548d ago

That's robaato design and artstyle, you guys should check him out on deviant art.

Imortus_san1548d ago

IOS and Android, I really enjoy playing rpg's during my travels.