You are legend in Destiny, these popular actors are just bit parts


"Let's face it: Destiny's voice actors don't have much they can chew into. In the year since its release, Destiny's expansions - including the megaton additions in The Taken King - have done a lot to flesh out the story, but you won't find too many long monologues or gripping dramatic scenes throughout the cinematic plot. You may not even realize how many instantly recognizable actors are part of Destiny's cast, which is full of talent that in hindsight seems startlingly underutilized."

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Halo2ODST21550d ago

True, Bungie used Buck a lot better in Halo ODST than Destiny - Nathan Fillion,

ninsigma1550d ago

Nathan fillion has had a much better role so far in ttk (not finished yet) cayde-6 is a great character.