NBA 2K16 Looks to Leave the Cheese Behind - IGN


"I tried to zig and the defender moved with me. As I zagged, so did he. He continued to mirror my movements and thwart any progress I thought I would make towards the basket. After a few more futile attempts, I drove hard towards the baseline, confident that the quickness of Steph Curry, who I was controlling at the time, could “cheese” his way past even a good defender like Chris Paul. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Every time I tried these methods, without fail, the play would result in either a block, a turnover, or a terrible shot. It took me until halfway through the first quarter of my hands-on time with NBA 2K16 to believe what I was seeing to be true. At long last, the cheese might really be gone."

Takwin2818d ago

The last game was an unmitigated disaster on two different fronts.

The first was the cheese, which no basketball game has ever been able to handle.

The second was entirely of their own making with all the online-only crap, their HORRIBLE SERVERS, and microtransactions linked to the seasons.

I think they have helped both of these a lot, but I just might be over sports games now as I near 40. They are not as fun anymore and I vastly prefer open world RPG, action-adventure, and turn-based strategy.

I think I'm just an old gamer with more refined tastes, as most of my friends no longer play shooters or sports games either.

moomoo3192818d ago

Its not that old age implores you to sit with some cheese and wine and enjoy your refined gaming tastes, its the stress of online competition which wears on you incredibly.

Because skill in video games and winning are not a 1:1 science due to lag, bugs, glitches, poor game design etc it is incredibly frustrating to loose while feeling hard done by the game your playing.

Eventually, the frustration of loosing in a seemingly broken game tends to override whatever joy there is in playing or winning.

This is especially evident in sports games, ESPECIALLY in 2K which is a cheese-filled, laggy 3-point contest for all intents and purposes.

Mike042818d ago

Hopefully they do it right this time, cross fingers