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"The tunnels of Thundering Falls are slick with Greenskin blood as High King Thorgim Grudgebearer - a grizzled old bastard leading an army of grizzled old bastards - commands his fellow Dwarves to victory atop the Throne of Power. Thunder and fire spew from ancient war machines as the Dwarven armies prepare to hold the line against the Green Tide.

Total War: Warhammer is developer Creative Assembly's first foray into the realm of high fantasy. The Total War series has long followed the exploits of Roman generals, Japanese warlords, and other historical figures, but Warhammer casts the petty limitations of "historical accuracy" to the wind with its armies of magical beasts and clockwork machinery. Recently, I had the chance to play a few battles with the Dwarven army and see firsthand how Creative Assembly is adapting their historical war sim to a non-historical setting."

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