Here Is Why (We Think) For Honor Can Restore Ubisoft’s Lost Honor

Every year, just like kids wait for Santa to bring in their favourite toys, gamers all around the world wait for E3 to come around with a bag full of surprises. And E3 2015 didn’t disappoint.

This year’s E3 had a lot of surprises and For Honor was definitely one of the biggest. Even more surprising was that Ubisoft managed to keep this game a secret given its history of slippery press releases. There were a lot of rumours going around pre-E3 that Ubisoft might announce a new Prince of Persia or a new Splinter Cell but no one expected to see a hack and slash game, which made the announcement even more exciting.

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Unyoked1545d ago

It'll take a lot more than 1 game to restore their honor

itsjustexuma1545d ago

South Park: The Fractured But Whole also has a chance to restore Ubisoft's career

scark921545d ago

Honestly the dudes at South Park will make that game great, not Ubi!!

Also new south park coming!

BadController1544d ago

Hahah why are people disagreeing this was hilarious

TheJacksonRGN1545d ago

Ubisoft's honor hasn't been lost in my eyes.

Summons751545d ago

Right? So they had a few slip ups but the majority of their games are still tons of fun. No company is perfect.

starchild1545d ago

This is how I see it too. Unity was buggy and it definitely shouldn't have been released that way, but it was actually a pretty good game in my opinion, and most of the bugs did get ironed out with patches. In any case, I've had no problems with most other Ubisoft games.

S2Killinit1545d ago

This looked great at the Playstation conference. Ive been watching For Honor since after E3

BadController1544d ago

As long as they don't go the EA way they're fine :p