My three cents on why Final Fantasy XIII is a bad game

Eyes on FF: "I know this topic has been done to death over the last couple of years, but since I have quite recently just beat FFXIII for the first time, I was thinking it might be appropriate to start this topic again. Keep in mind I've only started XIII-2 now, and have yet to play LR, and I do believe those games will be better, but just bear with me for a while and try not to spoil too much."

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Godmars2901543d ago

Think the main issue was that in regards to story, 9/10 of creative effort went into design and presentation, and 1/10 went into writing. That once they started actually making the game, level design and such, that narrative through gameplay became the one thing that could really be changed, and it suffered greatly for it.

LordMaim1543d ago

By design you of course mean visual design, because I would dispute that ratio if you were referring to combat or level design.

pasta_spice1543d ago

Yeah the world itself was gorgeous to look at. It's just a shame we couldn't explore it at all.

3-4-51543d ago

Poor leadership + arrogance = 3 games nobody wanted.

TheMutator1543d ago

The entire trilogy is a crap.

SegaSaturn6691543d ago

A lot of people neg on the linearity of the game, but I found the combat an afterthought. I just fonstantly mashed x to make it end asap. I compare it to ffx which was just as linear but way more fun to play.

Godmars2901543d ago

By the scope of many cutscenes, especially the first ones, what they wanted to do was just too much. Originally the combat was suppose to be similar to Kingdom Hearts, so likely the world was going to be as interactive.

Aratax1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Although I didn't really enjoy the game and had to force myself to finish, I did enjoy the battle system at times. It definitely had problems, but it was more than just mindlessly spamming the same button over again. There were battles were I would be changing paradigms constantly on the edge of death, and there was a great sense of satisfaction when finally figuring out a great paradigm for a tough boss. Having said that, the level design of the game is quite possibly the worst i have ever experienced.

blackblades1543d ago

Get over it, I enjoyed it that's all that matter.

Godmars2901543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Except that we're talking about what's being done after the game. Whether or not Square learned their lesson, with the answer around four guys on a road trip as if planned by GQ being: possibly not.

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