Rockstar needs to play this GTA V police mod

The creator of the GTA V ‘Police Mod’ that finally lets us cross the thin blue line reveals his plans.

Perjoss3198d ago

I think with the main game R* could have replaced one of the main characters with a female cop character to add more variety and also tell the story from a different angle.

DasTier3198d ago

Why a female cop? It would be much more interesting to be a gun toting badass like john McClane or even jokes like those from super troopers.

Anthotis3198d ago


The less developers pander to SJWs the better.

0pskies3198d ago

Woman are boring, they don't make good character leads.

Most female game devs who also push for this, don't push for it because it works, they do it to appease their left leaning feministic agenda.


You see?

3197d ago
SaveFerris3198d ago

I guess it makes for an interesting diversion to the main game.

someOnecalled3198d ago

Why for they can get banned and realize how stupid their methods is. They really think people care about ranking in gta. I would rather have open world with mission that accept mods not some way to nickel and diming people when they already made a ton of money.


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gold_drake27d ago

i think the only real loss is GTAV

OtterX27d ago

I think everyone and their sister owns the game by now. They likely want to squeeze the rest of the holdouts before GTAVI releases.

Profchaos27d ago

That game comes and goes from subscriptions so frequently I think it's expected now. Like rdr2 on gamepass Rockstar Games only last a max of 3 months On a service

MrBaskerville26d ago

Talos Principle is the real loss.

BanginTunes26d ago

Facts that game is good as fuck I'm playing through 2 now, very underrated

Huey_My_D_Long27d ago

indivisible was pretty neat. Cute artstyle, fun throwback to older RPGs, shame its leaving but it is on sale often

shinoff218327d ago

Definitely. I e joyed what I played of it. Still gotta grab the physical at some point

Petebloodyonion27d ago

I'm not surprised by GTA V removal, Rockstar never allows this game to stay long on a subscription service.
They usually allow 4 to 6 months.

lodossrage27d ago

Yeah, they do that routinely with both GTA and Red Dead.

But it's because they know they can still sell them so they take them off and on to these sub services in cycle.

The weird thing to me is why is anyone still buying those games at this point? You would think after 3 generations of being sold GTA 5 that everyone and their momma would have it by now

RNTody27d ago

I fail to see how the loss of an almost 11 year old game that released across 3 generations is in any way a problem.

26d ago
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