Rockstar needs to play this GTA V police mod

The creator of the GTA V ‘Police Mod’ that finally lets us cross the thin blue line reveals his plans.

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Perjoss2442d ago

I think with the main game R* could have replaced one of the main characters with a female cop character to add more variety and also tell the story from a different angle.

DasTier2442d ago

Why a female cop? It would be much more interesting to be a gun toting badass like john McClane or even jokes like those from super troopers.

Anthotis2442d ago


The less developers pander to SJWs the better.

0pskies2442d ago

Woman are boring, they don't make good character leads.

Most female game devs who also push for this, don't push for it because it works, they do it to appease their left leaning feministic agenda.


You see?

2442d ago
SaveFerris2442d ago

I guess it makes for an interesting diversion to the main game.

someOnecalled2442d ago

Why for they can get banned and realize how stupid their methods is. They really think people care about ranking in gta. I would rather have open world with mission that accept mods not some way to nickel and diming people when they already made a ton of money.