Rock Band 4 Preview – Not Just a Money Grubbing Reunion Tour | COG

COG writes: We jam with a little Rock Band 4 at PAX Prime and went in questioning whether was franchise bringing enough “new” to the stage. After our time with the demo, one thing is for certain, the Rock Band die-hards will love this!

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1898d ago

I just really wonder if it's stuck to the same tried and true formula too much, or if it has indeed added more. It's competition has made lots of changes in an effort to freshen things up.

1898d ago
Baka-akaB1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

You're mistaking it with Guitar Hero post Harmonix . They've always added enough to the formula to keep things fresh , while GH post their departure mostly reacted to whatever Harmonix added and followed suit .

Doesnt mean GHL won't be good ... i don't like at all their new concept so centered on live video and music videos , but i'm glad they are doing something entirely different , instead of delivering a Rock Band lite experience , while the only edge on Nu Guitar Hero's side was being known as harder for the guitar plays , and their exclusive guest stars .

This way we finally get two different games and flavors , and i know some people will love getting both actually

MRBIGCAT1898d ago

Rock Band has such a massive community, I don't think they have to do much to win them over.

Immorals1898d ago

Got this + guitar and adapter for £49.99, looking forward to my first rockband game!

GrapesOfRaf1898d ago

Who knows, maybe GH and RB will have their time in the sun again. I just hope they don't try to make a new edition every year.

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The story is too old to be commented.