Gears of War Ultimate Edition Review - TXH

James writes - "With backwards compatibility just around the corner for the masses, if I want to play Gears then can’t I just play it in its original glory without shedding out more cash? Nevertheless I’m going to give the Gears of War Ultimate Edition a fair chance to impress me with all its enhancements."

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neil3631549d ago

Seriously tempted for the single player alone. Multiplayer doesn't interest me so the issues should be negligible.

ninsigma1549d ago

Single player was really well done and it's the only reason I got it as well. I tried the mp but I wasn't a fan. Graphics are way better and the feel of play is excellent. The only downside is the friendly A.I can be maddening at times it's so bad. Makes bosses harder than they need to be. It really could have done with an upgrade in that department but overall it's a fun experience and I'd recommend it. I payed 40 euro, completed it and traded in a got 22 euro back so essentially only payed 18 euro for it. I'd say go for it if you have the cash to spare :)

Toolster1549d ago

I finished it the other day, The graphics are a big improvement over the 360 imo, the only thing I was disappointed with was there are cases where your gun,leg or whatever will disappear through a wall if you get to close but other than that I had a blast playing it again.

Didn't bother with the multiplayer except once so I would be in the beta for the new one.

Any ideas how you go about downloading 2,3 and 4?

oKidUKo1549d ago

Wait until Backwards Compatibility starts officially then I guess it'll either show to download in Games & Apps or it'll be through the game itself.

neil3631549d ago

Cheers, I normally tend to buy digital so may wait for a price cut as opposed to hitting the discs.