No Man's Sky sheds light on the dark side of what you can do in its vast universe

Edge Staff:

Embarrassingly, we’ve only just landed on a new world and already we’ve misplaced our ship. “It’s a ballache; I like that,” says Hello Games managing director Sean Murray when we crack and ask if there’s a faster way to return to our craft in No Man's Sky. “I have this [design] argument with the guys all the time, but if I hand someone the controller, the first thing they’ll do is lose their ship. Even in games like Far Cry 4, Dragon Age or The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, which are huge worlds, there are pathways. They want me to go this way to get some plant at the top of a mountain, but I prefer to go this way, and I’ll just buggily hop up. We don’t have those predefined pathways.”

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XisThatKid1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

I don't care what the hate is about here I'm excited for this one
Hell there's an entire community to exploring shadow if the colossus still active. I'd love to explore a universe that's not limited to ps2s limitations (take nothing away from SOTC or PS2s brilliance)

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