Eight new Kingdom Hearts games leak following TGS announcement

Boy, what a week its been for all you Kingdom Hearts fans! Yesterday morning, a Square Enix representative bounded onto the stage during Sony’s conference at the annual Tokyo Game Show, shouldered Atsushi Morita out of the way, and (during the stunned silence which followed) announced Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue.


This is satire. I didn't realise you could add a "satire" tag to it so genuinely my bad <3

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sonerone1218d ago

I hope these are not real

CharlieJoe1218d ago

Stupid, poorly drafted satire.

Giru0171218d ago

Terrible "opinion" piece, don't give them your click.

Concertoine1217d ago

Ive said before the greatest issue with this site is the lack of a satire tag.

wecouldlive1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I hate this garbage. Please, do not support this. This is an opinion piece presenting itself as news. It is misleading and untrue click-bait. At the very least it should be listed as satire.

jambola1218d ago

why not? it's a joke why so needlessly upset?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1218d ago

News 4 Gamers. Not Satire 4 Gamers.

ChrisW1217d ago


Oh! You primarily mean whiny, sad little fanboy crap for gamers, right?

Chapter111217d ago

Don't forget: nothing, NOTHING, is more important than videogames.

jambola1217d ago


the site lets you give opinions too, it's not just about news and nothing else

princejb1341218d ago

I used to love kingdom hearts series back when I had ps2. But as soon as they started doing all these spin offs and in other platforms, my love for kingdom hearts started to go downhill. Especially since combat for many of those were horrible.

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