Super Mario Maker dethrones Metal Gear Solid 5 in Japanese retail charts

Super Mario Maker has made quite the impression during its first week on sale in Japan.

The Wii U exclusive, which sees players construct their own 2D platforming levels from iconic elements of Nintendo’s flagship franchise, shot to the top of the software rankings, selling over 143,000 units.

Mario’s ascent knocked the latest in fellow iconic Japanese series Metal Gear Solid from the top spot, with The Phantom Pain on PS4 dropping to fourth. The PS3 version of the game sank to sixth.

Metal Gear Solid V sold almost a combined 500,000 units in its first week on sale in the country, with last week’s figures easily pushing the game over the half-a-million mark.

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higgins781541d ago

Well deserved. I own both MGSV and MM. After playing roughly 45 mins to 1 hour with MGSV - early impressions are mostly very positive, it is MM I continue to keep going back to while MGSV will have to wait. Both very, very different games, both great. I have PES 2016 due at the end of the week. I think I may need to quit my job...

3-4-51541d ago

o wow MGX + MM + PES 2016.....good luck with your social life. lol

Solid game selection.

I'm waiting for a price drop on MM to be honest.

4-5 months ago I bought way too many games so I have this huge backlog I need to work through first.

I like when stuff like this happens though

^ When one game does good, and then is followed by another surpassing it in sales = good for the video games industry.

Hopefully it follows week after week with a new game taking the lead as that would benefit everyone and all consoles / handhelds.

FallenAngel19841541d ago

2D Mario games are huge sellers in Japan

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1541d ago

Good Job! Super Mario Maker now let's see how long those legs are.

Didn't expect the PS4 to drop that much.

greenmiker1541d ago

For one more week we see different numbers for Famitsu and Media create sales.