Media Create sales (9/7 – 9/13) - Super Mario Maker debut

This week's Japanese sales include the debut of Super Mario Maker, second week Metal Gear Solid V sales, and more.

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Neonridr1127d ago

not a bad debut for Mario Maker. Game released Sept 10th - so this is tracking for 4 days. Glad to see the Wii U received a nice little bump.

MGS V took a sharp nosedive though, not a great thing to see.

Abash1126d ago

Im guessing it still wasn't restocked fully. Lets see next week s sales

Neonridr1126d ago

yeah that could be true, but the PS4 sales plummeted, so I am guessing it's not a simple restocking issue.

S2Killinit1126d ago

The PS4 didnt plumet, more like there was a huge spike in sales last month and now its settled back to how many it normally sells but slightly higher.

Concertoine1126d ago


MGS 4 in Japan:
476k with 75k PS3's sold first week
68k with 25k PS3's sold second week

So MGS 5's impact on ps4 is not too bad considering this is a multiplat.

3-4-51126d ago

Media Hype and biased articles can only drum up so many initial sales.

Once the delusion wears out and reality sets in, people realize that MGS isn't the 2nd coming of christ, it's just another game, then sales reflect that.

MGS has a very vocal fanbase, a very dedicated fan base, but there are only so many of them.

That being said, the drop off to 40,000 isn't terrible, it's actually kind of average for the industry.

It could pick up again via word of mouth, but all the hardcore MGS fans pretty much just bought the game already.

Mario Maker will be more of a slow burn, but since there are only 12 million potential customers, would take longer to pass MGS in total sales, IF at all.

Solid week/s for both games though.

1126d ago