How to beat Metal Gear Solid 5's Most Annoying Boss Fight


"While difficult, the boss fight in the mists at Nova Braga Airport isn’t impossible. I’ve compiled a list of tips for defeating The Skulls below and, if you’re still struggling, there’s an exploit below the tips that should make things a lot easier."

(This post has spoilers up the wazoo.)

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daBUSHwhaka1127d ago

Wasn't that difficult a fight really.C4,grenade launcher and a LMG and ure laughing.

LackTrue4K1127d ago

I will get some hate for this but:

The boss battles are weak in this game compared to MGS4!

Game dose feel short, for its series story driven game.

Back on topic:

I need some amo drops and large amounts of rpg/ grenades /C4 was's just very different from the regular stealth game play from this game. In this mission and the last one/boss fight.

You go full Rambo on them. Haha

PhoenixUp1127d ago

D-Walker made these Skulls my bitches. I would've tried Quiet but the news about corrupted save files deterred my from doing so.

christrules00411127d ago

Dwalker tears them to shreds or you can use decoys to lure them away from the truck, get into the truck and drive it out of the exhilaration zone. Or you can put down 4 decoys really closely, put down all your c4 in one spot between the decoys, lure them over and toss a grenade or two to blow up all the c4 and the grenades.

aquaticDonut1127d ago

You're thinking of a different mission.

christrules00411127d ago

Yeah, that was my bad. Luring them into explosives still works though.

DaMist1127d ago

Hmm I didn't even fight them haha decoy to lure them away and Fulton the truck out, then left the hot zone.

Zefros1127d ago

Later on, when you have to protect a certain guy, you have to defeat them. Can't say the name in case of spoiling for some in here.

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The story is too old to be commented.