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(CriticalIndieGamer) Though you will have clicked on this article to read about KING Art Games’ comedy point-and-click adventure The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, allow me for a moment to talk to you about FIFA. EA Sports releases a new FIFA game, like clockwork, every 12 months without fail. Iteration is the name of the game with regular incremental changes employed in favour of periodic, major overhauls. Despite the slight nature of the games’ changes, when the new instalment of FIFA is released, the previous immediately feels like an unplayable relic. You can’t go back. So when developers like Telltale Games – with titles like The Walking Dead – are taking huge strides to modernise the adventure game genre, playing something like Unwritten Tales 2, which very much follows an old formula, is a complete slog by comparison. In the immortal words of Primal Scream: “Can’t go back, I can’t go back.”

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If this is for the PS4 version you've broken embargo... oops.