IGN:Fallout 3 Modified and Set For Aussie Release

Many Aussies were devastated by last month's news that Fallout 3 had been refused classification (effectively banning it from release). There have been several casualties of Australia's archaic videogame ratings system over the years but few have been as highly anticipated as Fallout 3 (picked as IGN's Game of Show at this year's E3). Speaking to retail today we were told that Fallout 3 will be released mid-October with its references to specific drugs altered.

The reason Fallout 3 was banned was because it contained references to real drugs like morphine. It is likely that all Bethesda has had to do is rename the drugs as fictional substances to allow it to be successfully classified for sale.

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yanikins1114323d ago

ill be importing.

After what that airheaded female polli said a few weeks ago, its pretty much a license to import them. What was it? Something like "Oh im sure the people who want the games can figure out a way to get them anyway"

IE, "Just break the law so i dont actually have to do any work"


Superfragilistic4323d ago

haha. I thought Barnaby Joyce did a hell of a lot better! Stupid F-wit.

yanikins1114323d ago

haha, i cant believe he hasnt won the darwin award yet....