PlayStation's TGS 2015 Presser Picks Up from Sony's Stellar E3

Push Square: "With each PlayStation press conference, these reaction articles are getting harder to write. There was a time when we could strongly criticise Sony's stage shows; bad pacing, notable absentees, and a general lack of PlayStation Vita have all been common criticisms over the years. But with the manufacturer cleaning up its act and the aforementioned portable's place in the market grudgingly accepted these days, there's not a whole lot to say. In short, TGS 2015 was strong – just like the handful or so briefings before it."

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jon_snow1129d ago

Yes it was and Still Sony has two big conference PGS and PSX.
And Many more 1st party studio to announce their games.

Aloy-Boyfriend1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

and yet, people were making their absence at Gamescom a big deal.

jon_snow1129d ago

Only media was making huge cry over that while Sony even without conference had the largest crowd and queue in their booth.
It seem media is wants PS4 momentum to slow down so competitors can catch up but it will never happen as Europe sales chart after GC showed PS4 sales actually spiked up.

MasterCornholio1129d ago

That was annoying. Well at least we have PGW and PSX to look forward to.

miyamoto1129d ago

Sony is not kidding when they say PS4 game development has racked up production by 400% !!!!!

These trailers are too much for me to handle!!!!
I have never seen such beautiful variety.

PS4 is gaming heaven!


Aloy-Boyfriend1129d ago

Gravity Daze 2 hype is too much for me. Just went back to Vita to play GR all over again. The game is still fun!

slappy5081129d ago

I completely had the wrong idea of what gravity rush was. I thought is was a indie physics platformer, so I just ignored it for Vita. And then there was the Gravity rush 2 trailer. I'm weighing up now whether I have the patience for the ps4 version or get it right now for vita :p

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LightofDarkness1129d ago

I didn't see a huge amount that interested me at TGS, I don't know why people are hyping it up so much. They didn't exactly have a Crackdown 3 moment or anything. I suppose they don't need one being the market leader, but all I saw that was of interest to me was Gravity Daze (port and sequel), Ni-Oh (forgotten PS3 game) and the Bloodborne DLC. It was really quite disappointing, frankly. And Umbrella Corps somewhat soured the occasion for me. Anyway, disagree away.

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Kratos0Ultra1129d ago

@: LightofDarkness

tgs is not taking the place of gamescom. sony has a tgs conference every year. It is the Paris Games Week that is taking the Gamescom place. That is coming up in October. So, hold your horses. THen on December we will have the PSX as well. So that is 4 conferences for 2015 versus 2 for Microsoft. I frankly prefer 4. And of course PGW will be western oriented.

VsAssassin1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

The cloud tech for Crackdown 3 is awesome. I'm just not hyped at all with the idea that you can level the entire city. To each his own, mate. Many Xbox gamers appreciate explosions, while many PS gamers really love games with the Japanese touch.

On-topic: Ni-oh and Bloodborne expansion took the cake for me.

The_BlackHeart__1129d ago

I prefer the idea of exploring the cloud based Universe of No Man's Sky over destroying a small arena on CrackDown 3 (Cloud features only work on Multiplayer mode, which is based on arenas, and its not open world apparently). To each its own.

jb2271129d ago

I'm not sure TGS is the conference that negated the need for a GC showing, that would be Paris Games Week & PSX. By the end of the year Sony will have held conferences at 4 major events & MS will have held 2, so how is it again that Gamescom is the end all be all? Sony is using their position as market leader to give clout to a newer conference, don't see how that could be considered a bad thing. Also they are decent enough to show appreciation for their fans by holding a huge conference that is open to the public right here in the States. Gamescom is open to German gamers, but where will flesh & blood gamers get hands on w/ MS' wares in their own backyard aside from the stray Comic Con appearances? Sony has the conference game fully figured out at this point, there's no need to worry about them. Your Crackdown 3 moment is someone else's Gravity Rush 2 moment, but the sheer number of exclusives will be in Sony's favor for the foreseeable future so gamers of all walks will have the opportunity to play something that fits their needs, you may not understand the hype for certain games but that doesn't diminish them at all.

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italiangamer1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Now the momentum will flow from Tokyo to Paris, and from Paris to San Francisco. There is no vaccin for the PlayStation plague LOL!!!

EDIT: Oh look! The jeaulous xboners are already here with their disagree spree!! They mustn't be very busy with their xbox if they camp on PlayStation news trololol

1129d ago
blackblades1129d ago

They just mad that there xboners being crushed which gotta hurt.

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